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Decontamination Solution as a Gift for Humanity

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The origin of this paper is based on the first video, which were released by the Keshe Foundation about how simply the radiation and the radioactive contamination in the farms and the environment around the disaster zone of the Fukushima area was shown to be decontaminated, by the use of new materials develpoed by the M. T. Keshe. This , after the tsunami of the 2011, after three years can be resolved, simply by the use of basic materials, farmers on their own and by the community can clean up the environment, rather than with the help of the governmental organisations. ... The Keshe Foundation, after developing and producing different materials over thirty years of research, has gathered all its expertise for the process of helping the Japanese farmers and their community in March of 2014. One of its Knowledge seekers at its Spaceship Institute delivered the materials to two independent laboratories for testing during the 29th to 31st of March 2014, to prove the correctness of its findings. The Keshe Foundation developed these new materials and this fundamental basic technology for the cleanup of all radioactive materials from the environment of Fukushima.

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