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Delilah1RedC1Pouring12GalaxyAres1Delilah2BlueA1 & A2B1 & B2C1 & C2GalaxyAres2Transizione1Transizione2Transmutation 1Loop2Loop1Lighthouse: Il Faro 2Lighthouse: Il Faro 1Transmutation 2Mother Nature 1&2 SoldAngelUniverseSoldPlanet1&2SoldUnierse2SoldUniverse1SoldChrist of Light 1 & 2 SoldSplash1SoldSplash2SoldPlanetsSoldLight !&2 SoldSisterPlanets1SoldTwinSisters2SoldVortexSoldTwinSisters1SoldStardust1PinkSoldStardust2BlueSoldSisterPlanets2SoldMars 1&2 Sold

GANS Paintings

These paintings are pairs, pairs are painted always with the same GANSes, that the pairs are connected with a ratio 2:1. The plasma fields can be clearly felt, if you stand in between.

NEW GANS Paintings
A1&2 (to be named by the buyer) - 60x60 cm, Austria
B1&2 (to be named by the buyer) - 80x50 cm, Austria
C1&2 (to be named by the buyer) - 70x50 cm, Austria
Delilah Blue & Red - 60x80 cm, Austria
Galaxy Ares 1&2 - 60x100 cm, Austria
Pouring1&2 - 50x150 cm, Austria

Previous Paintings - Buy directly as is or make an offer!

Lighthouse: Il Faro - 120x80 cm, Italy
Loop 1&2 - 100x80 cm, Italy
Transizione 1&2 - 60x60 cm, Italy
Transmutation 1&2 - 50x80 cm, Italy

Mother Nature 1&2 - 60x60 cm, Italy (sold out)
Stardust Blue&Pink - 80x120 cm, Austria (sold out)
Light 1&2 - 90x80 cm, Italy (sold out)
Angel & Universe, 120x80 cm, Austria (sold out)
Planet 1&2 - 100x70 cm, Italy (sold out)
Christ Of Light 1&2 - 80x120 cm, Austria (sold out)
Splash 1 & 2 - 100x140cm (sold out)
Universe 1 & 2 - 90x120 cm (sold out)
Twin Sisters - 50x50 cm (sold out)
Sister Planets - 40x60 cm (sold out)
Planets - 40x60 cm (sold out)
Vortex - 40x70 cm (sold out)
Aurora Borealis - 90x90 cm (sold out)

*Sold in pairs, the price is per pair.

€ 1999.00
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