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All-Purpose Plasma Flight Transmutation Experience

Following the success of testing and building the flight simulation system, with the support of the knowledge seekers around the world, the Keshe Foundation is ready to enter the second phase of the flight simulation with testing to transmute one's soul and possibly the physicality from one system to another within the Flight Enhancement Center.

This second phase of transmutation at the Flight Enhancement Center is considered to be the penultimate phase of testing for the transmutation from one point to another or possibly for the future transmutation to other points in the universe.

"You decide where you go. You are the captain of your flight." - MT Keshe, 2022-05-27

It is the time for change, it is the time for progress. 

We are launching the voluntary "All-Purpose Plasma Flight Simulation Transmutation" using the Keshe Plasma Technology, in preparation for the transmutation for deep space travels. Regardless of the conditions one has developed, everyone is welcomed to apply and participate in this world changing event, a progresive shift in the new space technologies.

Limited number of participants will be accepted for this phase!

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