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Keshe GANS Household Reactor

Keshe GANS Household Reactor is made from a fan with a reactor that can be filled in with GANS materials. It has three levels of rotating speed, 1700 rpm for Level 1, 2400 rpm for Level 2, and 3100 rpm for Level 3. It is a perfect GANS reactor that can be used at home or anywhere you wish to enhance the environmental fields.

- Three levels of rotation.
- Flexible setting: the reactor can point at different directions and have different height.
- 120 degrees rotating base.
- Wireless control.
- Battery that can support the product to work for a maximum of 20 hours without connecting to the grid.
- Portable. The reactor only has a dimension of 20*20*12cm and can be easily fit into a small backpack.

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