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Keshe GANS Surface Cleaner

Keshe GANS Surface Cleaner

Keshe GANS Surface Cleaner
The product is a result of years of research. Add the product to any type of water, on the ration of 1L per 1 bottle of Keshe GANS Surface Cleaner. Wet a cloth with the solution and run it over the surfaces to remove dust and dirt. Use it in the bathroom to shine the sink, the tap and other areas. It can be used until the GANS particles are depleted, when up to 30% of the GANS particles are still present. In independent research cases the surfaces where this mixture was used the areas stay cleaner and dust free for a longer time, reducing the frequency of cleaning around the house.Do not consume the product and do not enter in direct contact with it. In case that it enters in contact with the skin, rinse abundantly with clean water.

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