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Flight Moon Mars

Donate & Participate in Plasma Flight Tests Moon

Donate and posibly participate in Plasma Flight Simulation and Tests to support the expansion of the Keshe Plasma Science and Technology.

The first 20 donations of 25 000 EUR have the possibility to participate in Plasma Flight Test to Moon.
The first 20 donations of 50 000 EUR have the possibility to participate in Plasma Flight Test to Mars.

Donation to: Stichting The Keshe Foundation
IBAN: NL66ABNA0486367169

March 2023 we will try to start the Plasma Flight Tests to Moon and Mars. The duration of the test, if successfull, will take between 3 to 5 days, including the evaluation period. 

Only 20 positions are available for the primary tests of 2023 - 2024 for each destination.

The tets encapsulate what we call new physics, new science and everyone is responsible to understand that it is a testing phase of the technology. We try to achieve what has been achieved in the other parts of the technology to be able to create the condition of flight, approaching, landing and maybe living within the environment of the Moon or Mars, not necessary in physical dimension, but in how the energies will decide the presentation to be.

Initial transmuattion will be for 2 persons at a time, according to the knowledge.
Signed agreements are mandatory prior to testing.


€ 25000

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