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Car Enhancement Plasma Power Unit

Car Enhancement Plasma Power Unit


Car Enhancement Plasma Power Unit


“You asked the KF to release energy system in these harsh times and we have responded”

The new car and home enhancement plasma power units are released to world population.

The units are box systems which allow you to enhance the power in your home or car. The car enhancement plasma power unit can reduce the fuel costs by extending the use of the battery in electronic and hybrid cars. It can increase the use of the electric motors.

“If you run 100 km with one charge, now you can get more"

The home enhancement plasma power unit can support 1 - 2 KW. For example, you work with the energy of the house during the day and the system backs you up for the night time.

“You will see how clean and sustainable the production of energy can be.”

This is a trial system. We want feedback from you on the results of how much reduction in fuel and electricity you achieve. The target is set. We try to achieve a zero energy free standing unit for homes and cars for a wireless energy transfer.

Offer ended 20th July 2022. 

Once the development of the free standing unit is complete, any of the units bought by July 20th 2022 will be replaced by the foundation with a free standing 0 to 0.3 KW Power Enhancement Plasma Generator.


*Additional annual charges of 250 EUR per year done by 10-year contractual agreement. (index increase)
*The price does not include service charges after the 12 months warranty. 


€ 5000.00
(plus shipping & taxes)

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