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Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer

Do not miss the opportunity to have your own Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer. Use it at home, use it in the office. It makes a great gift idea for any occasion. Revitalize and energize yourself for a good well-being!

The Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer cylinder alkalinizes water through the interaction of the magnetic and gravitational fields naturally present in the environment.

Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer is the world's first portable system that alkalizes water WITHOUT getting into contact with it and WITHOUT ever deteriorating. It DOESN’T have filters or spare parts. It also DOESN’T have batteries or other reagents.

A non-openable glass-sealed cylinder containing the Magravs is at the centre of the container. Water only gets in contact with the external part of the glass cylinder containing Magravs. The carafe is made of Bohemian crystal and the cylinder equally works well with other types of glass or plastic containers

Drinking water alkalized in this way allows our body to become basic hence absorb more oxygen.
Just after a day of drinking this water, it gives wellness and energy to the body.

Carafe: Dimensions: (cm)  - 28x16x18: Weight: (kg): 1,2
Sealed cylinder:Dimensions: (cm) - 22x15x5; Weight: (kg): 0,250

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