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Workshop Ticket - Exhibition Linz

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Costs: 350 EUR, including all materials
Date: Saturday, 11th of June 2022
Time: 10:00 - 18:00 (with lunch break - lunch not included)
Place: KF Exhibition Center, Linz, Austria, details after registration

Description: In this workshop we give a basic understanding about Keshe GANS Plasma Technology from the practical point of view, we show the production of Nanocoated plates, the creation of different types of GANSes and we talk about the different application possibilities of GANSes and GANS water.

Program of the BASIC GANS workshop:

1) Theoretical understanding of Plasma
2) Practical Applications:
a) Preparation of materials such as the box for GANS making, hanging of plates, cutting of plates etc.
b) Learning how to Nanocoat Copper and zinc plates
c) Learning how to reuse Nanocoated plates
d) Production of the 4 Basic GANSes (gas in nano solid state) CO2, CH3, CuO and ZnO
e) Learning how to wash out the salt from the GANSes
f) Transferring the GANSes and the GANS out of the GANS container
g) Ways of storing GANS and GANS water



Costs: 450 EUR
Date: Saturday, 25th of June 2022
Time: 10:00-18:00 (with lunch break - lunch not included)
Place: KF Exhibition Center, Linz, Austria

In this workshop we will not only show you how we mix the GANSES into clay, but you will also learn all about working with clay in general and you will throw your very own GANS clay cup on the pottery wheel. About one month after the workshop your finished cup will be sent to you as the clay needs to settle, be glazed and burned afterwards.

Program of the POTERRY GANS workshop:

1. Theoretical introduction into pottery
2. Practical demonstration of preparing clay with GANS in several steps. GANS mixtures will be provided.
3. Practical demonstration of throwing a cup on the pottery wheel
4. Practical Application:
a. Preparing the clay
b. Throwing on the wheel – centering, buildup, forming, throwing the cup
c. Free time for practice
d. Trimming the bottom side of the cup
e. Completing the cup with possible surface texture
5. Demonstration of the glazing process and finishing the cup



Costs: to be announced
Date: Saturday, August 2022
Time: 10:00-18:00 (with lunch break - lunch not included)
Place: KF Exhibition Center, Linz, Austria

€ 350.00
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