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Comprehensive Universal Plasma Coverage

This Comprehensive Universal Plasma Coverage is to be introduced in steps from January 2023 backed by the space plasma technology of the Keshe Foundation worldwide.

Part 1. Comprehensive Wellness Program
i. Prevention 
ii. Enhancement
iii. Recovery

Part 2. Comprehensive Nourishment Program
i. Partial
ii. Full

Part 3. Comprehensive Energy Program
i. Physical Energy
ii. Power and Light

Part 4. Comprehensive Transmutation Facilities
i. Local
ii. International
iii. Space

Part 5. Comprehensive Communication Facilities

Part 6. Comprehensive Leisure and Sports Facilities

Part 7. Comprehensive Plasmatic Effort Compensation

Comprehensive Wellness Prevention Individual

All terms and conditions for each section will be published in due course as each section of the program becomes available through to research and development.

*This product is a service agreement and not an insurance policy agreement. It is only for services provided by the Keshe Foundation technologies and know-how for wellness for processes not exceeding 25 sessions per family or 10 per individual.
*These agreements are 10-year contractual agreements
*Terms and conditions to be provided in due course for those who purchase or consider to purchase.
*We reserve the right to change terms and conditions for existing and the future agreement with 30 days notice.
*Prices will be adjusted according to KF index annually.
*The prices for the Comprehensive Wellness Program do not apply for present conditions (eg. Cancer, FM, Fibromyalgia etc.) which has been diagnosed or has been persisting prior to signing the policy
*All the processes will be provided from remote facilities through mobile and satellite systems
*This policy does not cover physical damage such as accidents, body part replacement, mechanical or electronical support systems etc.
*This policy does not cover providing or supply any medication as it is a process through plasmatic systems.

***DISCLAIMER: The information and education material contained herein is meant to promote the general understanding and dialog of GANS and Keshe Plasma processing. Such information is not meant or intended to serve as a substitute for a healthcare professional's clinical training, experience, or judgment. For patients and individuals, such information is not to be a substitute for professional medical, therapeutic, or healthcare advice or counselling. For medical issues or concerns, including decisions about medications and other treatments, readers/viewers/listeners should always consult their physician or, in serious cases, seek immediate assistance from emergency personnel. Prescription information, procedures, and use of medical devices information should be undertaken only by properly trained and certified medical personnel. We specifically disclaim any warranties, express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Such information is provided “AS IS” and is believed to be accurate at the time of its publishing, but it is the viewer's job to evaluate the accuracy of any information found in this presentation. Every case presented is of their own experience, applied by themselves for themselves and it applies to their case only. Every person experiencing health problems should seek professional medical advice and consult their course of treatment with a doctor. The processes of plasma balancing described herein, are a natural process which supports the body but does not replace medical advice or therapies one is already subject to.

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