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All-Purpose Plasma Flight Simulation

All-Purpose Plasma Flight Simulation Mobile Experience

Start date to be announced!


"You decide where you go. You are the captain of your flight." - MT Keshe, 2022-05-27

It is the time for change, it is the time for progress. 

We are launching the voluntary "All-Purpose Plasma Flight Simulation Experience" using the Keshe Plasma Technology, in preparation for the flights of deep space travels. Regardless of the conditions one has developed, everyone is welcomed to apply and participate in this world changing event, a progresive shift in the new space technologies

On the opening day, 6th of June 2022, only the first 10 applicants will be invited to have the sessions and share their experience.  

In a special Zoom workshop session with M. T. Keshe on Saturday May 28th, 2022, the announcement of the all-purpose plasma flight simulation of the Universal Flight Enhancement Spaceship Units provides more details.
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Applicant conditions

* We reserve the full right to refuse any applicant any time before, during or after application or session without justification or reasons. In case a payment has already been processed, the refund will be issued.

* Each volunteer applicant is bound to sign an irrevocable volunteer agreement, providing full copyright of release of any information of data or related experience exclusively to Stichting the Keshe Foundation, KFTV GmbH and associated organizations to Stichting the Keshe Foundation, for live session recordings, interviews, follow-up feedbacks any time before, during or after the session and for the two organizations to be the only entities that can publish and share the above in KF Plasma Times or any form of media.

* Only available for persons over 18 years of age.

* The use of the flight simulator is not advisable for persons that have any type of medical implants, metals or other materials, pacemakers, or similar. 

* All sessions are scheduled upon the completion of the order. After payment our booking department will be in touch with you for your preferred date for the simulation test.

* We reserve the right to change any of the dates or locations in any case. 

For those who cannot or do not want to participate, but wish to support this project, send your donations to

€ 2000.00
(plus shipping & taxes)

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