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SSI Research

1st Keshe Space Plasma Research Teams


Be part of first team ever in Keshe Space Plasma research laboratories in Iran, China or USA!

Each laboratory is set to start with 100 research members from all nationalities and backgrounds.

This is a year-to-year research program to develop and complete many aspects of the new space era. 

You can join to be member of this research team and be part of the developing members of new space plasma technology.

The research program will start from 1st of September 2024 with teams designated for lift and motion, transmutation, wellness, food, agriculture, energy, materials, and environment. One can choose in which section would like to be part of and even change after 12 months to another section. 

Research program will run on a 12-months base cycle and will include 2 weeks holidays for Christmas and New Year, 2 weeks for Easter and 4 additional weeks upon request as dates can be agreed.  

Each applicant is responsible for their own travel, accommodation and living expenses. 
The security vetting must be passed by all applicants prior to joining the research team.

Each member joining the research team will be bound by an intellectual rights contractual agreement, as all intellectual rights on the research and development of Keshe Space Plasma Science and Technology are the property of Keshe Foundation.

The participants after 3 years of full collaboration and research have the possibility to be offered a permanent employment within the structure of the research work. 

The fee to be part of the research team is set at 25000 EUR per year, non-refundable, payable at the following account:
Beneficiary: Keshe Foundation Manufacturing Austria GmbH
Beneficiary Address: Oberkulm 3/3, 4203 Altenberg bei Linz, Austria
Account Number/IBAN: LT163250004463595722
Bank Name: Revolut Bank UAB
Bank Address: Konstitucijos ave.21B, 08130 Vilnius, Lithuania

€ 25000

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