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Keshe GANS Clean Water

Keshe GANS Clean Water

Keshe GANS Clean Water
Add the content of the bottle into any water, from tap, river, any sources. Shake the mixture in the bottle, allow it to fully settle and use only the 1/3 from the top of the water to be used for drinking, washing, washing fruits and vegetables, etc. The Keshe GANS Clean Water powder is good to be reused multiple times. and it is used to destroy multiple viruses and bacteria.Once used you can drain the water and dry the powder to store for the next use, or it can be constantly used by refilling the container with water, mixing and letting it settle.

The Keshe GANS Clean Water powder can be used several times. It needs a maximum of 1L of water at once per bottle of powder. The GANS can be used until 50% of the GANS powder is depleted. You can use it at home or take it with you when you travel to ensure that the water you use, consume or cook with is at the safe drinking level.

Do not consume, drink or touch the Keshe GANS Clean Water powder. It is only for cleaning the water from viruses and bacteria or any other kind of energy packs or conditions that the water might require such purification. In case of accidental ingestion please report immediately to us.

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