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GANS Plasma Breathing UnitGANS Plasma Units SetGANS Plasma Spraying UnitGANS Plasma Water Unit

GANS Plasma Units Set

Set of 3 GANS Plasma Units

1 pc GANS Plasma Spraying Unit

The GANS Plasma Spraying Unit consists of a 20l water tank, Li-Ion battery powered pump, two replaceable GANS Plasma chambers, spraying tube with two starches, portable bagpack frame and a pressure gauge. The battery powered water pump is pulling water from the water tank and is at the other side pushing the water to the two GANS plasma chambers. The tap water, pushed into the GANS Plasma chambers is filtered on plasmatic basis by the use of GANS Plasma cartridges inside the chambers. The GANS Plasma filtered water is then passing through a mechanical filter and afterwards the head of the spraying tube and can be used to spray the environment instantly. GANS Plasma cartridges need to be changed regularly and can be ordered separately

2 Exchangeable GANS Plasma cartridges | GANS Plasma filtration |20l tank for tap water | Li-Ion battery powered pump | Exchangeable plasma cartridges | Spraying tube with two starches | portable bagpack frame | Pressure gauge.


1 pc GANS Plasma Breathing Unit

The GANS Plasma Breathing Unit is contained and is carried in a dust resistant and waterproof case. It holds all components of the device namely the air compressor, the Double chambers for GANS Plasma water, the airbreathing masks and GANS Plasma, including measuring jug for correct dosage. The air compressor pushes air into the Double Container for GANS Plasma Water. The air from the air compressor is pushed through a tube to the bottom of each chamber facilitating the creation of air bubbles. Plasma Field Air from the double container is distributed to up to 4 airbreathing masks simultaneously. All masks are individually packed and sealed. The GANS Plasma (contained in the 100 ml bottle included in the case) is mixed with tap water in the measuring jug, to create GANS Plasma water which is later filled in the double chamber for GANS Plasma water.

Dust resistant and waterproof case | Air-Compressor | Double chambers for GANS Plasma water | 4 airbreathing masks | Measuring jug and GANS Plasma bottle.


1 pc GANS Plasma Water Unit

The GANS Plasma Water Unit mainly consists out of several GANS Plasma filters and a physical filter. Inside the GANS Plasma filters, tap water passes step by step through GANS Plasma container in serial motion, which contain exchangeable GANS Plasma cartridges. GANS Plasma filtered water is available instantly. The GPWU fits to a 19mm tube system or can be installed, using 3/4" connections and therefore can be used portable or in a fixed installation. GANS Plasma cartridges need to be changed regularly and can be ordered separately.

3 exchangeable GANS plasma cartridges | GANS Plasma filtration | Fits to 19mm or 3/4” tube systems | Portable use of fixed installation | Can be used immediately | Needs tap water as input

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