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Keshe Plasma Fields Absorption Butterfly

Keshe Plasma Fields Absorption Butterfly is a specially developed technology with the property of enhancing the negative oxygen environment affecting a major spectrum of fields within the environment, especially for diversion and absorption of fields which are not needed in the environmental condition and that might be harmful to systems.

This product is designed in a special way, by undisclosed technologies and materials which are developed in Keshe Foundation Research laboratories. It does not use normal nanocoated materials.

Keshe Plasma Fields Absorption Butterfly is offered in 3 different sizes. 
S (small) version is for the mobile phones, inside cars, in rooms on the windows, etc.
M (medium) version is intended for tablets, inside cars, in rooms on the windows, etc.
L (large) version is intended for laptops, under the bed, under matts, under high fields current flow and other uses.

It is advised to be used in pair in large area environment for better effect, placed opposite to each other in that environment. For example, if you place one in one corner of the room, place the second one in the diagonally opposite corner of that room. Or to be placed in picture frames, opposite from each other in the room.

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