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GANS Paint Enhancement

GANS Paint Enhancement is used for creating a balanced environment, increasing the negative oxygen level in the rooms where it is used. This bring a cleaner air that is much easier to breathe.

The Environmental (White) increases the negative oxygen level, the Energizer (Red) adds energy and wellbeing into the room. The Energy Pack Processor Life 1 (White) and Energy Pack Processor Life 2 (Green), used together one of each on opposite walls will aid in the processing of energy packs, offering a safe, fresh, and clean room environment.

This product is not a paint, but an add-in for the paint on the ratio of 1:10 (one bottle of 100 grams of GANS Paint Enhancement mixture to be used for 1 liter of indoor or outdoor water based paint). 

Please note to test a small patch of the wall before full painting. Due to the color of the GANS Paint Enhancement mixture in the interaction with your paint base it can generate new plasmatic colors that might not be to your intended color range. 

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