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Plasma GANS KitKit Assembled

KFSSI Plasma Capturing Kit

Using the components provided in the package you can make different types of GANS, by following the same method as for the CO2 GANS production, only using different combination of plates and coils.

The package contains:

  • 1 X Iron Chicken Wire

  • 2 X Pure Zinc Plates

  • 1 X Nano-Coated Zinc Plate

  • 1 X Bare Copper Coil

  • 3 X Nano-Coated Copper Coils

  • 4 X Syringe

  • 1 X Gloves

NOT included in the kit: 

  • Plastic containers – 4 liters

  • Demineralized water

  • Power supply –battery or DC regulated power supply

  • Paper clips/wire to keep the plates and the coils in place.

€ 100.00
(plus shipping & taxes)

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