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Book 1 - The Universal Order of Creation of Matters

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In this new book Mr. Keshe explains new and ground-breaking principles in the world of physics.
In July 2009 a new book, titled "The Universal Order of Creation of Matters" written by nuclear engineer Keshe, is published. One of the topics discussed in this book is that how Matter, Antimatter and Dark Matter are created in the universe. What scientists at present call elementary particles (like quarks and so on) are themselves in fact collections of smaller magnetic fields, which in group as dynamic plasmatic magnetic fields and their interactions with other dynamic plasmatic magnetic fields, lead to creation of quarks and so forth.
Where in fact, what is called the mass of the quark, this in reality is created through the same method as the mass of any other object in the universe and is purely due to the interaction of constituent plasmatic magnetic fields within the center of the Matter. Through tests done, where separation of these Matters of plasma in reactors were achieved, and, by using the effects of the interaction of plasmatic magnetic fields of Antimatters within the cores of reactors forces of magnitudes were created which are unknown in todays' world of physics and industry.

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