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Portable Plasma Field Unit

The KF Portable Plasma Field Unit consists out of 4 acrylic-balls, which are mounted on standard tripods. Inside this acrylic-balls, there are nanocoated copper coils (incl. GANSes on them) out of single 0,3mm nanocoated copper strands, which are connected to a power supply, which includes a plasma converter. Inside the power supply, there are rechargeable batteries (which are not delivered, they need to be bought separately), set in serial. The acrylic- balls are connected with each other and with the power supply, by standard 0,75mm² stranded copper wire cables.

When the power supply is switched on, 12VDC maximum are applied to the above mentioned coils, inside the balls, this voltage can be decreased with a conventional rotary control switch. There is no electronic circle or electronic part inside the power supply, just the batteries and a rotary control switch, which adds one battery after another to increase output voltage. There is no measurable electric current flowing in the entire system, because the ends of the cables are inside the balls and are open, without any physical load. 

The 4 balls with tripods can be placed around a massage bed or a chair. All 4 balls together build up a field, in with a human body or animal can be placed. There is not physical contact between the 4 balls and a body.

* Batteries are not included.
*The chair and bed displayed in the image are not included. .

Orders for this products must be paid to:
NAME: Keshe Foundation Manufacturing Austria GmbH
CITY: Altenberg bei Linz
COUNTRY: Austria

IBAN: AT51 3400 0000 0390 4182

BANK: Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG

€ 1800.00
(plus shipping & taxes)

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