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Remove your foot and back pain with the plasma insoles


Thanks to the plasma insoles, your feet feel better, your back feels better, and so your body. By putting them on your feet and chill with it for 30 minutes 2 times a day, the magnetic-gravitational field generated by the gans inside the insoles will restore the balance by reducing stress, tensions in ankles, knees, and up to you’re back.


Since your feet are the first thing to touch the ground, they need to be perfectly balanced if you want your body and mind to reach the ideal state.


For more information, check the full manual encclosed with the product. 

  • The GANS in the Plasma Gel of the Insoles generates plasmatic fields that bring the feet back to balance and reduce pain

  • The Plasma Gel flows to the shape of the foot to displace weight equally

  • Ultra-thin, soft and comfortable, helps relieve rubbing pain

  • The Plasma Gel helps reduce stress and strain on the ankle, knee and lower back

  • Less perspiration & odor

  • Massaging and therapeutic

  • Cooling and relieving of heat from the sole of the foot

  • CE Certified, Medical Device Class 1

6 Months Products life
30 days warranty

Recommended to be used at home or at the office for no more than 30 min, 2 times per day. 


€ 29.99
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