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Automatic Coil Winder and Nano-Coating System

Designed by JF of the Keshe Foundation.

KFSSI Manufacturing Coil Winder System Technical Information / Mechanical data *Auto wire feed coil winding system *CNC 5 axis StepMotor control

System dimension 1100mm X 400mm X 300mm
Coil length Max 800mm
Coil inside diameter Min 2mm : Max 15mm
Maximum speed winding 4turns/second
Wire diameter Max 1.6mm : Min = 0.8mm

Electrical and Control

Power Supply 120/240 VAC 400W
Can run on a car battery using a DC->AC inverter

Use Mach3 software as CNC controller, On laptop ( included ) KFSSI Manufacturing Nano-Coating System Technical Information / Mechanical data

Size of the system : 1100mm X 600mm X 700mm
Range area of the burners 800mm X 300mm
Max distance between burner 200mm
Maximum speed 150 mm / sec

* Tested with Propane Gas
* Shipping is NOT CALCULATED at the time of order.
* Manufacturing of the systems are built after payment has been received.
* Shipping costs will be invoiced 7 days before the unit is shipped.
* Shipping invoice must be paid before the product ships.

* Delivery time per agreement

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