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Power Enhancement Plasma Generator

“You asked the KF to release energy system in these harsh times and we have responded”

After 40 years of research, we are able to deliver to you the first solid state Power Enhancement Plasma Generator.

It has been developed on the basis of Keshe Plasma Science and Technology as shown in the Energy Blueprint Day - Part 1 Live from Tehran on July 18, 2022, 442nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop and Energy Blueprint Day - Part 2 on July 21, 2022, and 443rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop on July 28, 2022 (links below).

We developed the possibility to tap into the cosmic energies. The energy is coming in a plasma state and is being converted in the generator into electrical energy.

This changes the game of energy production.

It is a system that delivers 300 Watt and can be extended to 1 - 2 KW. It can be scaled up to Megawatts. It is free-standing - without the need for anything else to supply it - works by itself and lasts for years. No one has managed to deliver such an independent unit - everything up until now was dependent on the solar system, chemical reactions, etc.

You have a permanent supply of energy. There are no moving parts. There is nothing to change or add. You are independent of temperature, pressure, and environment. The process can run for years and can be multiplied by different currents and voltages.

Power Enhancement Plasma Generator as demonstrated in the July 21st 442nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, is now available to order from the KF Store. Product options are 2KW and 10KW. Delivery begins in January of 2023.

Gas Enhancement Plasma Generator which was shown in the July 21st 442nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop is also available to order with delivery in December of 2022.

Energy Blueprint Day - Part 1 Live from Tehran July 18, 2022:

442nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop and Energy Blueprint Day - Part 2 July 21, 2022:

 443rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop July 28, 2022:

2 KW - 10 000 EUR  (Delivery starting January 2023)
10 KW system - 60 000 EUR (Delivery starting January 2023)

*Additional annual charges of 100 EUR per year done by 10-year contractual agreement. 
*The price does not include service charges after the 12 months warranty. 


Cost calculation for 2 KW and 10KW generator

Natural Gas Generator Consumption 7.43 cubic feet (210 liters) of natural gas to produce 1 kWh

Cost Austria
1h  € 0.26
1 day € 6.34
1 year 24/7 € 2,312.64

1h € 1.32
1 day € 31.68
1 year 24/7 € 11,563.20

Gasoline Generator Consumption 0.64 liters per KW per hour

Cost Austria
1h € € 2.94 € 
1 day € 70.66
1 year 24/7 € 25,789.44

1h € 14.72
1 day € 353.28
1 year 24/7 € 128,947.20

Diesel Generator Consumption 10KW 3 liters of fuel per hour

Cost Austria
1h € 1.38
1 day € 33.12
1 year 24/7 € 12,088.80

1h € 6.90
1 day € 165.60
1 year 24/7 € 60,444.00


€ 10000.00
(plus shipping & taxes)

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