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Oil, Gas, Protein and the Earth

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An excerpt from the paper: "In the present state of art of science and geological theories, it is considered that all petroleum oils, which are extracted from the inner layers of the Earth, are due to the decomposition of the oils from animals and vegetations, which have died or been imbedded in the layers of the soil of this planet over millions of years. This theory considers that these remains, be it animal tissue or leaves of trees, as they were buried in the ground or covered by soil, and as these bodies decomposed, then their oil was slowly released into the earth’s solid top section. ... In fact, this planet has changed and produced its oil through and during the conversion of CO2 from gases to gans state of matter and in the process has released a vast amount of Oxygen in its atmosphere, as has been explained in the other papers by the author. (Figure 2, 3, 4) In other words, even the change of atmosphere from its acidic to oxygen levels has been through the process of conversion of state of matter and in presence of nitrogen and carbon, and hydrogen released and oxygen present has led to creation of protein, and in given condition to creation of amino acid of life on this planet. Physical and tangible lives are sometimes creating in the universe in different forms through this process and is not exclusivity of this planet."

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