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Keshe GANS Grown Cotton Seed T-Shirt

This product is in pre-orders and will be shipped earliest in December 2021.

The cotton used in manufacturing the t-shirt is produced from GANS processed cotton seeds. From the beginning, at the time of seeding, the GANS technology is used. There are no fertilizers or pesticides used on the crops, from the seeding until the harvesting time. The end product as cotton crops is used in the creation of natural yarn and t-shirts.

A fertilizer would simply physically feed a plant, but when a plant is grown with GANSes it feed it's emotions as much as it's physical part. A happy plant growing leads to a happy t-shirt offering that emotion of happiness to the person that wears it.

T-shirt weight: 180 grams
Model: Plain Natural White, without chakra patterns

€ 49.99
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