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A new State of Matter (GANS)

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An excerpt from the paper: "The Keshe Foundation published the book “The structure of the light“ (ISBN 978-94-6087-003-3) in 2009, after years of research and developments, and through its work in new dimensions and processes to create new materials for space technology. In this book, the founder of the Foundation, M. T. Keshe, announced the discovery, the development and production methods of a new state of matter. This new state of matter was produced in the process of the creation of nano materials. In this process, coatings of nano materials were created, with Magravs balance and Magravs conditions between the layers of these nano coatings. Next these nano materials were placed in the environmental condition of the liquid, and as a result of this balanced Magravs environment in the Nano material, nano materials are released as individual atomic entities in the liquid in which they were placed."

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